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Final Week of High School Baseball and Softball Season Brings Playoff Excitement

Credit: iStock

As the final week of the high school baseball and softball regular season unfolds in Cleveland, Gaston, and Lincoln counties, local teams are eagerly eyeing the playoff picture. With results up to May 3, several teams have secured automatic qualifiers, while others await the NCHSAA’s RPI rankings to determine their postseason fate.

In baseball, South Point and Kings Mountain lead the Big South 3A with standout performances, while Rocky River’s Piedmont and North Davidson dominate their leagues. In softball, Kings Mountain boasts an undefeated season in the Big South 3A, and Crest follows closely. With tight competitions and potential tiebreakers on the horizon, the upcoming games will be crucial in shaping the final playoff brackets. Fans can expect an intense week of action as teams strive for a coveted spot in the playoffs.