Charlotte, NC
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June 15, 2024 12:00 am

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Chatham County Nonprofit Partners with DoorDash to Combat Child Hunger

Credit: iStock

In a significant move to tackle child hunger, the Chatham Outreach Alliance (CORA) has partnered with DoorDash to deliver essential food supplies to children in need across Chatham County. The partnership aims to address the alarming 14% child food insecurity rate in the county by providing customized food boxes that cater to dietary needs and preferences, minimizing social stigma.

The CORAPacks initiative delivers monthly food boxes directly to children’s homes, ensuring they receive three meals and two snacks daily during weekends and school breaks. This approach helps preserve the dignity of students, particularly at schools where a high percentage of children are on free or reduced lunches. Executive Director Melissa Driver Beard emphasized the importance of considering the whole child, including their social and emotional well-being. The program, costing over $72,000 annually, has also inspired DoorDash drivers, who find the work fulfilling beyond financial rewards.