Charlotte, NC
6:08 am8:39 pm EDT
June 15, 2024 12:23 am

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Massive Animal Rescue in High Point Uncovers Over 100 Dogs

Credit: iStock

In a heart-wrenching discovery, animal rescue groups and the High Point Police Department have saved over 100 dogs from a home on Prospect Street. The operation began last week, culminating on Monday when an animal control officer joined the rescue effort. Initially, more than 60 dogs were reported rescued, but the final count exceeded 100, including numerous cats.

The rescue teams, led by Robin Lindsay of Every Snout Counts and Beth Bevlins of the Animal Care Foundation, found the animals in dire conditions, suffering from malnutrition, tapeworms, and flea infestations. The situation was so severe that deceased puppies and kittens were found among the living animals. Bevlins described the scene as the worst she has encountered in her two-decade career in animal rescue. Multiple organizations from North and South Carolina have now stepped in to provide care and foster homes for these animals, preventing overcrowding at local shelters.