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June 14, 2024 10:54 pm

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Fayetteville Approves $1.3 Billion for New Titanium Plant Amid Environmental Concerns

Credit: iStock

In a unanimous decision on Monday, the Cumberland County Board of Commissioners approved $1.3 billion in bond funding for American Titanium Metals, LLC. The new plant is slated to be built on 65 acres behind the Goodyear Tire plant on Bethune Drive, potentially creating 500 jobs with an average salary of $125,000. The funding will come from the county’s Industrial Facilities Authority, ensuring no financial risk to taxpayers.

Despite the economic benefits, local residents and environmental advocates express concerns over potential environmental impacts. The Foushee family, living near the proposed site, fears the development will disrupt their quiet community. Additionally, the recent issues with PFAS contamination in Cumberland County have raised questions about the new plant’s environmental footprint. The United States Geological Survey has indicated minimal health risks from titanium itself, but industrial waste from processing remains a concern. County officials assure that water and sewer lines will be provided, but the community remains cautious as the project moves forward.