Charlotte, NC
6:20 am8:38 pm EDT
July 15, 2024 5:55 am

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New Pickleball Courts to Transform Pinnacle Lions Park

Credit: iStock

Stokes County is set to embrace the pickleball craze with the Pinnacle Lions Club’s initiative to convert the existing tennis courts at Pinnacle Lions Park into six pickleball courts. This project, fully funded by the Lions Club’s fundraising efforts, aims to meet the rising demand for this fast-growing sport, which combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong.

Bart and Mary Lynn Stone, key members of the Pinnacle Lions Club, are spearheading the effort, highlighting pickleball’s appeal to players of all ages and its low cost of entry. The new courts, anticipated to revitalize community engagement and the local Lions Club’s activities, are expected to be ready once the $85,000 needed is raised. Fundraising is underway, with efforts including direct donations and future events like T-shirt sales and raffles.