Charlotte, NC
6:44 am7:59 pm EDT
April 19, 2024 2:04 pm

Solar leases help NC farm owners up revenues, keep homestead

In the serene fields of Pendleton, North Carolina, Ajulo Othow, founder of EnerWealth Solutions, draws inspiration from her post-Katrina economic development work to establish solar installations that not only respect the landscape but offer sustainable income to local landowners. Her projects prioritize minimal disruption while maximizing benefits, reflecting a thoughtful approach to renewable energy in rural settings, and enhancing both economic and environmental resilience.

Breaking the Backlog: How North Carolina is Confronting Its Rape Kit Crisis

North Carolina has made remarkable progress in addressing its backlog of untested rape kits, with about 95% of the 16,219 kits identified in a 2018 Department of Justice audit now tested, leading to 174 arrests from the resultant DNA profiles. This significant advancement not only aids in providing justice to victims and strengthening community safety but also highlights the ongoing challenges in supporting survivors and the need for systemic improvements.

Could parental concerns dash hopes for medical marijuana in NC’s short session?

In a poignant testimony to the House Select Committee on Substance Abuse, Casey Temple shared how marijuana, once a coping mechanism for his depression, led him to a near-fatal decision at age 20. Temple’s story underscores the complexities surrounding marijuana use, sparking a crucial debate as North Carolina legislators consider the legalization of medical cannabis.

North Carolina public schools to receive federal funding for 114 electric buses

by Greg Childress, NC NewslineJanuary 9, 2024 Fifteen school districts, charter schools and tribal schools will share nearly $27 million in federal dollars to purchase 114 electric buses as part of the EPA’s Clean School Bus Grant Program, Gov. Roy Cooper announced Tuesday. Cooper said in a statement that electric buses help protect children from …