Charlotte, NC
6:20 am8:38 pm EDT
July 15, 2024 6:05 am

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Bladen County’s Ace Aviation Camp Takes Flight

Credit: iStock

Bladen County’s Curtis Brown Airfield buzzed with excitement as middle school students soared through the skies in a week-long Ace Aviation Camp. Over a dozen 6th to 8th graders participated in this unique program, designed to spark interest in aviation careers. Students explored aircraft design, logistics, drone navigation, and air traffic control, with many experiencing their first plane ride.

The camp aims to address aviation industry shortages by inspiring local students to pursue careers as pilots and mechanics. Plans are underway to integrate an aviation curriculum into local schools and colleges. This initiative not only fosters a passion for aviation but also promises future economic growth for Bladen County, with Vulcanair’s new aircraft manufacturing plant set to begin construction soon.